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Raymond L.
Honolulu, HI

I needed a battery for my 2015 Toyota Corolla and went online to see what were my options. I saw the reviews on your Yelp account and decided to give you guys a shot. Great decision. I was able to pick up a brand new battery with 3 year warranty at a great price. The service was quick and the staff both informative and friendly. I would definitely recommend anyone to get their next battery from Powertron. Thanks Craig.

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Shaun E.
Placentia, CA

These guys are great! I had a couple batteries that wouldn’t hold a charge so a friend suggested Powetron and after my experience I now have a great battery guy!! I highly suggest them!

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Cam N.
Orange, CA

Outstanding service and price.  Went there today to get a new battery for my Mazda.  Their price was $50 less than what Pep Boys quoted me. I was in and out of there, with new battery installed, in less than 10 minutes.  Everyone was very helpful and friendly.

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Gilbert V.
Santa Ana, CA

Found this place on Yelp. Called them and got a price for a new battery. This was the most affordable place. A battery for a Dodge charger range from $180-220 anywhere else. Well, I paid $150 here with installation included. This place has been in business for many years. Definitely the place to go to for a new battery and a bundle of savings.

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Pony C.
Tustin, CA

Spent about 2 hours looking for a battery for my Honda element everywhere else was charging almost 120 bucks. Then I came across this little gem battery was 58 bucks plus the service was 10 bucks and the staff was honest and nice I even got a free pen! Thanks guys keep up the good work.

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David T.
Santa Ana, CA

My mom told me about this place. Called they answered the phone gave me a price quick. Saved over 50 bucks felt like a champ. Awesome customer service. Limited warranty. thanks guys.

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David F.
Anaheim, CA

I’ve bought 4 deep-cycle batteries for my boat and got full expected life from them as well as two car batteries with great satisfaction as well. Their prices are fare and they are very friendly and fast installing them (I took the boat batteries home with me and did those myself). The shop is a tad hard to find as it’s behind some buildings in another shopping center but don’t give up looking, it’s really not that bad. I’m due for another car battery (different car) and I’ll be going there for it as well. Much better than going to a big box store or a mechanic. I highly recommend them!

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Ryan E.
Lake Forest, CA

Family owned! Friendly knowledgeable and very helpful. Good prices. Screw the man. Support your local business

Thanks guys

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Edwin L.
Tustin, CA

I went in this morning to get a new battery. Their customer service is really great. I was like take my money! LOL. The people there were really friendly I was literally in and out in less than 15 minutes. I ended up paying almost $60 less than I would’ve paid if I got the same battery at AutoZone. Thanks guy!!! I will definitely come back if I have any battery troubles and refer anybody that has any battery problems to this place.

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Rose Y.
Fullerton, CA

Fast friendly service. Answered all my questions and was very courteous.

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Rosie M.
Laguna Hills, CA

Easy and convenient. Was in and out in literally less than 5 minutes and the pricing is very affordable plus everyone was super friendly and professional. Definitely recommend it.

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Alan F.
Orange, CA

I was having car problems coming home from work my car had died several times thinking I needed a battery replacement I showed up 30 minutes after powertron had closed and was still helped by DREW he said I didn’t need a battery replacement I just needed to tighten up my battery more he saved me money so I wanted to give him a tip he didn’t receive it and was still able to perform above and beyond great customer service thank you DREW you make powertron look excellent with your customer service ! I will recommend and for sure will be back !

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Brian A.
Kennewick, WA

Great customer service! Replaced my battery in a few minutes at a really good price (low enough to make it worth driving a little further). The owner is friendly and even gave me some tips on my upcoming vacation.

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E. J.
Santa Ana, CA

Noticed my car was cranking just a bit longer in the mornings. I knew my battery had reached that 5 year mark. Ive been stranded once before. Prefer to be safe than sorry. Time to change it out. Also wanted to avoid the dealership. I called Powertron. Asked if they were busy. They said “nope, come on over.” They installed a new battery in 5 minutes. I timed it. I was there and back home in 30 minutes. All under $80 bucks! Dealership would’ve been $40 more.

PS – facility is kind’a hidden behind a burger joint. Just drive slowly as you approach, you’ll see it in the back. Park in the spaces right in front of the storefront, pop the hood, show ‘em what you got.

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Sonic M.
Costa Mesa, CA

Been coming here for over a decade now.. always have the best power for the best price, and excellent installation and service. Why would I go anywhere else?! Thanks, guys.

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A. L.
Santa Ana, CA

Found this place from other Yelpers. THANK YOU AMIGOS! I needed a new car battery and everywhere I looked was out of my budget. For $75.00 I received a newer, larger factory-direct battery plus installation! This saved me money. Dealership and other places charged over $110.00 and not including installation. This place is family owned and been in business over 50 years. The father and son who run it were a delight to do business with. They also used a computer memory saver so I didn’t have to reset radio etc. Definitely recommend this local family-owned business.

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Sunil K.
Tustin, CA

These guys are awesome. I called them up for a quote on my totota camry battery and I was given a quote of $73 out of door and I was amazed. It comes with a one year warranty too and the whole process took me just 5 minutes.

The only downside is, it is little inside and a bit dfficult to find it, but with GPS it was pretty easy for me . over all i am very satisfied with their pricing and service

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Eric H.
Santa Ana, CA

This is the place to go if you need batteries for your computer UPS system. They have the batteries used by APC, Liebert, MGE, IBM, etc. I’ve used them for years and they’ve always had the hard-to-find batteries that I need for these desktop UPS battery backup systems.

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Carlos O.
Santa Ana, CA

This is the best place to get a replacement car battery, been in business plenty of years, honest, and family owned…. They will test out the old battery and install a new one if necessary…

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A. W.
Cerritos, CA

Competitive pricing (better than even Wal-mart) w/ good service. I brought my car & popped my hood and they replaced the battery on the spot. The process of getting the new battery in the car & paying took no more than 10 minutes in and out. It was good to support quality small businesses like this. The location is easy to miss as it is located in the back of a building (GPS recommended).

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Melissa W.
Lake Forest, CA

Super fast car battery installation and a great price. I recommend! I just went here for the first time, and my dad has been going here for 46 years.

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Mark P.
Irvine, CA

I just bought 2 deep cycle batteries from Powertron. The price was right, the service and help were very good as well. I recently suffered a broken ankle and am stuck in an electric wheelchair for awhile. I needed the batteries fully charged up when I bought them as I needed the wheelchair immediately.

The Powertron folks not only had these rather difficult to find batteries in stock but they had them fully charged and ready to go when I arrived.

They even took them out, loaded them in the car, and helped me recycle the old worn out batteries.

Great outfit!


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testi photo5 star icons Cam N. Orange, CA 1/17/2018

Outstanding service and price. Went there today to get a new battery for my Mazda. Their price was $50 less than what Pep Boys quoted me. I was in and out of there, with new battery installed, in less than 10 minutes. Everyone was very helpful and friendly.

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